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Lead Teacher for RE, SACRE Member and NATRE Member

Full endorsement of crossteach.
Wednesday, 18th October 2017.

As a lead teacher for RE in a number of schools over many years I have been keen to invite speakers from many backgrounds both religious and secular.

For some time I have invited the London crossteach team to work with pupils from year 8 up to 6th Formers. Every lesson, every talk has been professionally prepared and presented.

As a result of this our pupils have been able to more fully and clearly answer questions relating to the GCSE and A-level courses they are taking. They are more confident and all have appreciated crossteach's visits. Topics have included "Just War", "Equality" and "The Incarnation", all vital for pupils who were preparing for exams.

I have also seen first-hand the interest shown over a prolonged period of time by pupils of many faith backgrounds - as well as agnostic & atheist - in the lunchtime clubs which crossteach have run in a Secondary School for boys in North West London.

The students encouraged their peers to attend, and were involved in discussions, games and debates on a wide variety of topics connected with Christianity. In my classes the pupils often mentioned things brought up at the club which were relevant to our curriculum.

In the same school I took pupils in KS3 to the crossteach Easter and Christmas workshops which were a refreshing look at these significant Christian events. These workshops were educationally robust, with clear teaching aims linked to expectations laid down by the Department for Education.

As a member of the Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education serving that school and in my current area of work I have recommended crossteach without hesitation.

Further to this as an elected member to the 2018-2021 Executive Committee of the National Association for Teachers of RE I will also be strongly encouraging the involvement of crossteach in provision of Christianity-related classroom materials and drop-down days.

I am an admin for 'Save RE' , an online forum connecting over 6,000 RE professionals -the largest National RE group of its kind. Whenever I have shared details of crossteach with the group members I have only received positive and grateful comments. Bearing in mind the obvious multi-faith & non-religious membership of the forum that in itself shows that a huge section of the UK teaching profession publicly approve and benefit from the hard work and dedication of all who are involved in crossteach.

I am Jewish and regularly attend a synagogue. I am indebted to Cross-Teach for their involvement in my professional teaching life. I have never considered them to be proselytising, attempting any form of conversion, coercion, or demanding a belief in the Christian faith and its creeds. Without doubt they are practicing Christians, who have a strong faith in their beliefs. However they allow positive bridge-building, encourage students of different backgrounds and faiths to sit together, to learn and to appreciate their different views.

I would not hesitate to invite them once again and thoroughly commend them to any school looking for professional, vibrant and differentiated resources for Religious Studies.

Mr Gerry Cohen BA (hons); PGCE
Associate member: Chartered College Of Teaching.
Committee Member: Barnet SACRE
Elect-Member: NATRE (National Association for Teachers of RE)
Admin: Save RE Facebook Forum

Assistant Minister, Emmanuel Church Bramcote

I've worked alongside crossteach for 11 years in a variety of capacities. I have been constantly impressed with their commitment to teaching the Christian parts of the RE curriculum in creative and interactive ways, giving pupils an opportunity to learn about the Christian faith from those who personally believe it.

Rich Adam
Assistant Minister, Emmanuel Church Bramcote

Head of RE, Warwickshire Secondary School

crossteach is a professional teaching organisation that teaches Christian viewpoints on all Religious Studies topics taught at Campion School. The team engage our students through interactive lessons and encourage questions to be asked. They also enrich our students experience in the classroom by leading many events, such as the Christmas and Easter Experience in the school hall, and above all else teach them moral values which are so important for today's society.”

Head of RE, Warwickshire Secondary School

What impact have crossteach lessons had on the pupils learning in your school?
Good engaging lessons which have motivated learners on key Christian teachings.

How have crossteach lessons aided in the provision of your curriculum?
Clear structure to lessons leading to motivation and engagement.

Would you be happy to recommend crossteach to other teachers?

Are there any areas in which you think crossteach could improve?
No – quite happy

Curate, St. Mary’s, Wollaton Park, Nottingham

As an assistant minister of a church with a primary school and a secondary school close by I am immensely grateful to God for our partnership with crossteach (Nottingham).
I have been greatly helped by crossteach in helping me see how the church family can grow the relationship with both schools.
I have been hugely impressed by the character of those involved with
crossteach, the quality or resources, and their range of expertise.
With the support of
crossteach I have been able to share what faith in Jesus looks like in appropriate, fun, and though provoking ways. This has included assemblies and acts of worship but also visits to our church building and newer initiatives such as Easter Experience.
As a member of a local support team for
crossteach Nottingham I have seen first-hand the number of schools who would like to partner with crossteach. I have also see the positive response of schools to the work crossteach have been doing teaching the Christian message and giving students the opportunities to find out more.
I would like to commend
crossteach and encourage other churches and schools to consider partnering with them. I would also like to thank them for the work they are doing and the support they have given to me.

Rev’d Tom Devas
Curate, St. Mary’s, Wollaton Park, Nottingham

Teaching Assistant, Kent

As a Teaching Assistant at a primary school in an area where crossteach works, I have experienced first-hand the professionalism and clarity of crossteach assemblies in which the children (and staff) at our school participate. They use age-appropriate and child-centred illustrations to clearly explain mainstream Christianity by teaching what the bible says. crossteach also offer to children in Key Stage 2, “Christmas & Easter Experiences” and “Moving-On” (transition to secondary school) sessions which are fun, interactive, structured and explain simply what Christians believe. The children fully engage in these sessions and absolutely love them!

Youthworker, St Giles West Bridgford Church

I'm a youthworker in Nottingham, and for this term have been helping with a Christian Union that crossteach have set up at a local church for young Christians. I have to say that the work crossteach have done for the young people who come is fantastic, they have a heart for supporting and encouraging the young people, for increasing their understanding of their faith and giving the youth the confidence not to be ashamed of their faiths, but equipping them to express what they believe and why they believe it. This Christian Union was started because the young people from a local school desperately wanted to meet with other Christians in their school for prayer, Bible study and mutual encouragement. Unfortunately the school were unwilling to allow a Christian Union to start, hence the club runs in a local church with their full support.

Andy Wright
St Giles West Bridgford Church

Elder, Emmanuel Church, Leamington Spa

"crossteach function to highest professional standards with a sensitive approach to the children to whom they are communicating and the material which they use. I have personally seen how they teach and have appreciated their integrity, sincerity and ability which impressed both the pupils and the teachers from various schools. I would have no reservations about recommending this organisation to any school, knowing this would enhance the religious and moral education of the children"

Bill Patterson
Elder, Emmanuel Church, Leamington Spa

Head of RE Kent Secondary School

Always well prepared and a very professional lesson given. Plenty of imaginative and inspiring resources, delivered in a contemporary way and at an appropriate level. 

Head of RS at London school

Student feedback from the crossteach workshops on the Yr 11 RE conference day was very positive. Your involvement in planning the entire day was very helpful. 

RE Subject Leader Kent Secondary School

My experience of crossteach is that they provide an excellent support to the teaching of Christianity in schools. By bringing people of faith into the classroom students are able to engage with the issues of religious belief in a more interactive way than is usually possible in a non-denominational school. The lessons produced by crossteach are always of a high standard combining class-based and group-based activities to stimulate thought and discussion whilst learning in a fun way. Students are always kept on task and respond well to the leaders. The resources and plans produced are always made relevant to the schemes of work and syllabi already in place which means that the lessons merge into our existing framework. Students are always positive in their feedback and the lessons really do promote an interest in Christianity which translates into their work but also into their personal development. crossteach also support and run popular Christian Union activities in the school. 

Deputy Head at London school

Assemblies have been entertaining, involving and thought provoking. The workers are exemplary role models, sensitive, fun and organised.