Read some of the feedback that our staff have received

Head of RE at Campion School, Leamington Spa

The RE lessons incorporated a variety of resources which were well planned and thoroughly enjoyable. Students really love it. Thanks for the great work you do. 

Deputy Head at London school

Assemblies have been entertaining, involving and thought provoking. The workers are exemplary role models, sensitive, fun and organised. 

Head of RE at Myton School, Warwick

The ideas have been great, the resources have been well prepared and extremely useful for the pupils and the lessons themselves have been of a high standard. Thank you for all your hard work, effort, enthusiasm and brilliant work. I know I’m not the only person in the department who uses the materials and worksheets you have produced in my own teaching. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any school. 

Head of RS at London school

Student feedback from the crossteach workshops on the Yr 11 RE conference day was very positive. Your involvement in planning the entire day was very helpful. 

RE teacher at Myton School, Warwick

The students really enjoyed the different style of teaching and the interactive activities. The amount of information the students processed and fed back was fantastic. Thank you! 

RE teacher at North Leamington School, Leamington Spa

The pitch of the lessons were great. The activities were well thought through. The pace was great. The one to one support was also very beneficial. 

Subject Leader of RE, Weald of Kent Grammar School, Tonbridge

My experience of crossteach is that they provide an excellent support to the teaching of Christianity in schools. By bringing people of faith into the classroom students are able to engage with the issues of religious belief in a more interactive way than is usually possible in a non-denominational school. The lessons produced by crossteach are always of a high standard combining class-based and group-based activities to stimulate thought and discussion whilst learning in a fun way. Students are always kept on task and respond well to the leaders. The resources and plans produced are always made relevant to the schemes of work and syllabi already in place which means that the lessons merge into our existing framework. Students are always positive in their feedback and the lessons really do promote an interest in Christianity which translates into their work but also into their personal development. crossteach also support and run popular Christian Union activities in the school. 

Head Teacher at Campion School, Leamington Spa

Thank you for your tremendous commitment and hard work in our school. I have been very pleased with the quality of teaching and learning which is always of a high standard. I also know that the students very much enjoy the lunchtime clubs that you put on. I hope the crossteach team will continue to work in our school. 

Head of RE at Aylesford School, Warwick

Inventive lessons, well planned, good organisation. Thank you. 

Subject Leader at Campion School, Leamington Spa

The crossteach staff are enthusiastic, hardworking, well prepared and maintain high standards. They are to be complimented for their lively approach which encourages pupils to learn. Thank you. 

RE teacher at Myton School, Warwick

Excellent subject knowledge, lots of activities, approachable. 

Head of RE, Hillview School for Girls, Tonbridge

Always well prepared and a very professional lesson given. Plenty of imaginative and inspiring resources, delivered in a contemporary way and at an appropriate level. 

RE teacher at North Leamington School, Leaminton Spa

I am most impressed with the fast moving pace and delivery of the lesson. crossteach lessons are informative, extremely interesting and relevant. 

RE teacher at Campion School, Leamington Spa

Very impressed after being a cynic! Lessons were very proactive and entertaining – I learnt a lot! 

Head of RE at North Leamington School, Leamington Spa

Thank you for the fantastic lessons that you have delivered. The planning and organisation are excellent and everyone on your team has outstanding classroom management and teaching expertise that achieves the highest standards of teaching and learning. You take the ideas and concepts and make them incredibly fun, relevant and accessible to pupils at all levels. Pupils regularly comment on how much they have really enjoyed the lessons and often stay behind to discuss ideas further. Years later we still have pupils talking about your lessons. It has become embedded in their memory. I would like to say a very, very big thank you. It’s not an easy job and I can’t imagine anyone doing it better!

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