crossteach supports schools in meeting their requirement to provide daily assemblies (also known as collective worship). We regularly deliver assemblies in both primary and secondary schools, encouraging pupils to consider the Christian faith by presenting it in a relevant and age-appropriate way. Our interactive assemblies also provide an opportunity for pupils to reflect on their own beliefs and how they would answer life’s big questions.

In primary schools we are often invited to do series. For example, we have done overviews of the whole Bible during the course of a term. Sometimes we focus on one Bible book or character. Using visual aids to help the children remember the stories from week to week, we find that by the end of the term pupils are able to demonstrate great understanding of the Bible passages we’ve been presenting.

Here are some of the series we’ve done in primary schools:

  • Amazing Things Jesus Said
  • Mission Impossible (Paul’s journeys in Acts)
  • Faith Street (Meeting key Bible characters in Hebrews 11)
  • People Jesus Met
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In secondary schools we have one-off assembly opportunities and like to give young people thought-provoking questions to consider, like:

  • How do we define success? Is it more than just being good at stuff?
  • Is there anything we can do about worries or should we just try to distract ourselves and hope for the best?
  • Is it possible to earn God’s love? What is love, anyway?

We challenge young people to consider what they think about these questions and then we present what the Bible has to say in a creative way. We also offer assemblies specifically for Christian festivals: Christmas and Easter, where we seek to help the pupils understand the significance of these festivals for Christians.

We are also able to offer school assemblies designed to help pupils understand, and engage with, ‘British Values’ and how these affect the way we live.

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