We are really excited about the new work we are starting in Nottingham. This work will include lunchtime and after

school clubs like our other areas.

Our hope is that local churches will partner with us to run these clubs so the young people can meet representatives

from local Christian communities and hear about the work these churches do with and for young people.

These clubs will have the same values as our other clubs;

crossteach clubs give students the opportunity to…

  • have fun and spend quality time with their friends
  • express their owns views and opinions about some of life’s big questions
  • hear other students’ views on the topics raised
  • consider the Biblical responses to these questions
  • make informed choices about their faith

crossteach clubs…

  • are run in partnership with the school and often with a local church
  • are open to pupils from any and no faith background
  • give students a greater awareness of themselves and their own beliefs
  • promote understanding and respect between students
  • use media and resources that make the issues relevant to the young people
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