christmasThe Christmas Experience

A crossteach interactive road show exploring Christmas. One hour show. Includes…
  • 6 different interactive zones that students rotate around in small groups
  • Each zone looks at the Christmas story from the different viewpoints of the key nativity characters
  • Each zone reveals one of the different names Jesus was given at his birth and helps the students to understand why Christians celebrate Christmas
The aims of the Christmas experience are…
  • For the students to discover why Christians celebrate at Christmas
  • For students to have an opportunity to visit a faith building and see it in use

  Download crossteach christmas experience info pack for schools

What is Open Space?

crossteach runs a project called Open Space: a space where students can take a moment out of the busyness of life to explore their thoughts and feelings about life. We transform a room within the school into an interactive and relaxing space where the students can open their minds to be creative and quiet as they contemplate life and their role within it.

The pupils might cover topics such as: ‘thinking about forgiveness’, ‘the future’, ‘the past’, ‘issues in the world’ and ‘self-image’, plus many more. Giving space for them to consider their identity and what makes them who they are.

Open Space has a flexible format and can be focused on specific topics relevant to the school, such as: ‘exams’, ‘remembrance’, ‘new beginnings’ for year 7 and year 11/13 etc.

Open Space fits within the requirements for both Religious Education and Citizenship and therefore usually works within the timetables of these subjects, as well as providing fantastic opportunities for your school to encourage the spiritual development of its pupils.

Open Space also fits with, and fulfils, various factors of OFSTED inspected areas.

If you would like to know more about Open Space, or book one for your school, please contact crossteach and we will be happy to work with you to provide the best Open Space to fit your requirements.

“ It gave me time to think about things. It’s very peaceful”  Year 9 student 

“ I think Open Space is a good idea, it helped me to let go of my anger”  Year 8 student

Download Open Space Introduction

crossteach Easter Experience?

easter graphicThe Easter Experience is an interactive roadshow for secondary school and upper primary young people.

It is a murder mystery style investigation to get to the bottom of who killed Jesus Christ. The students will have the opportunity to re-enact key scenes, be a “fly on the wall” and interview important “eye witnesses” as they gather clues for their investigation. It’s a fun and interactive way for the young people to experience the reality of what happened to Jesus 2000 years ago.

The Easter experience is a unique opportunity to share the events and significance of the Easter story with young people, many of whom may be exploring this for the first time.

Curriculum opportunities of Religious Education key stage 3

The curriculum should provide opportunities for pupils to:

  • Encounter people from different religious, cultural and philosophical groups, who can express a range of convictions on religious and moral issues, where possible

  • Visit places of major religious significance, where possible

  • Reflect upon and carefully evaluate their own and others’ beliefs and values, using reasoned, balanced arguments

Would you like your pupils to take part in an Easter Experience?

All you need to do is let us know you would like to go ahead and give your students the opportunity to take part in a crossteach Easter Experience.

crossteach will book the venue, organise the ‘actors’ and leaders, set up the experience (including props) prepare all the resources and do our best to make the experience as engaging as possible for the students.

It really is that easy!!

Download Crossteach Easter Experience information pack for schools

A crossteach Experience for year 6 pupils. A 1 hour session runmoving up

Sometime between May half term and the summer holidays. Includes…
  • Games
  • Bible Stories
  • Activities
Moving up aims to…
  • Equip young people to make wise choices at secondary school
  • Provide handy hints and tips to life at secondary school
  • Help young people bridge the gap into secondary school
And to give your pupils the opportunity to…
  • Have fun and spend quality time with their friends before they go their separate ways in the summer
  • Hear from people in the Bible who found themselves in new and different situations. How did they cope and what did they do?
  • Meet and get to know some youth workers and helpers who already work in their future secondary schools
Download crossteach moving up info pack for schools   moveAs well as our own material, we will be using the published resource It’s your move which has helped almost a million young people move on with confidence.
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