crossteach residentials and days away

crossteach is delighted to offer young people an extended opportunity to find out more about the Christian faith in a fun, no-pressure environment. We put on weekends and days away at venues close to the areas where we work so we can invite students from a variety of nearby secondary schools.

The programme focuses on an overarching theme through interactive talks and small groupdiscussion. There’s also plenty of time for games, craft, drama and outdoor activities.Students love having the chance to get away from the busyness of everyday life and make new friends as they learn more about themselves and God. Here’s some of the feedback from young people who have taken part:

“It was sooooo fun…everything was amazing!”

“I had no idea that God rescues us.”

“The best part was getting to know lots of other Christians my age.”

“Next time make the weekend longer.”

IMG_3810 IMG_3832 IMG_3841

Weekends and days away require the help of local churches, which provide prayer, financial and volunteer support. The hope for these events is that many young people would hear and engage with the gospel message as it is communicated in a relevant and accessible way. We also hope that through these partnerships with supporting churches we can assist interested young people in connecting with their local church youth group.


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