Our mission: To teach about the Christian faith in schools

Our vision: For pupils to develop spiritually through understanding, engaging with and responding to the Christian faith

Our aims:

  • To provide direct encounters with Christians speaking about their faith which are enjoyable, memorable and challenging.
  • To teach informed RE lessons that provoke critical enquiry and thoughtful reflection.
  • To lead inspiring, stimulating Collective Worship.
  • To run extracurricular activities that allow pupils to explore fundamental questions about human life, religion and belief.

Our approach:

  • Professional: engaging, trained, organised, experienced and working within national and local requirements and guidelines
  • Reputable: working in schools with integrity and transparency since 2001
  • Distinctively Christian: knowledgeable, authentic and passionate about the Christian faith
  • Collegiate: working in partnership with schools at their invitation and under their direction, and alongside local churches and other school visitors

crossteach is an educational charity which has been teaching about the Christian faith in schools since 2001. We visit lots of different types of schools – primary and secondary, community and Church of England, private and state-funded, academy and maintained.

“As a member of the Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education serving that school and in my current area of work I have recommended crossteach without hesitation.” Gerry Cohen, Barnet SACRE