We are delighted to announce we are running a pilot launch of a new resource developed in partnership with Discipleship Tech.

This is a timely development, as it will allow school pupils to participate in our Easter Experience regardless of any Covid-related restrictions that might still be in place.

Many of our partner schools and churches will be using this new resource this Easter, giving many young people the opportunity to explore the Easter story in an interactive way and learn what Christians believe about the significance of the Easter events.

To access the digital Easter Experience just click on this link.

Beyond this Easter, our plan is to make this resource available to schools and churches across the UK and to add further digital versions of our most popular resources; Christmas Experience, Church Experience, Open Space and more.

What is the Digital Easter Experience?

  1. The Digital Easter Experience includes all the content of our regular Easter Experience, completely online.
  2. Through a modern-day retelling of the Easter story, pupils take on the role of crime scene investigators to work out who is responsible for Jesus’ death.
  3. Pupils gather and record vital clues as they watch the events unfold and interact with key suspects.
  4. At the end of the activity pupils can save or print their investigation sheet so that their understanding of the topic can be assessed.
  5. It has been designed so that pupils can participate independently, either as a remote learning resource or as part of a lesson in school.
  6. The Digital Easter Experience has been designed for tears 5, 6 and 7.

To access the digital Easter Experience just click on this link.

Digital Easter Experience Flyer