Exploring God’s Story

We are an educational charity, invited in to schools to teach about the Christian faith. Through our lessons, clubs, assemblies, Experiences and many other activities, we invite young people to understand, engage with and respond to the Christian faith. Or, what we might call, as Christians, God’s Story.

Our belief is that God has revealed his story through His Word: the Bible. God’s story starts before time and goes on into eternity. It is made up of many stories. It is still unfolding and everyone is called to be part of it. It is centred around Jesus Christ: Who he is. What he has done. What he will do. It is this story that we seek to teach about in schools so that young people can understand, engage with and respond to it. It is this story that we want to inform young people about in a way that provokes critical enquiry and thoughtful reflection. We believe it is the greatest story ever. It is the story of everything there has ever been and ever will be. It is the story that includes the story of every person.

It is a great privilege to be able to open God’s Word with young people in schools to help them understand it for themselves, so that they can engage with it and respond to it. What a blessing it is to be able to explore God’s Story with so many young people in schools

Sharing Our Story

Our work is much more than just an intellectual activity: passing on knowledge. Christianity has always been a faith passed from person to person. The full revelation of God came in the form of a person: Jesus Christ. Teaching about the Christian faith is intellectual and relational. That is one reason why we provide direct encounters with Christians speaking about their faith. We teach about the Christian faith from the perspective of sincere, committed Christians trying their best to live out what it means to be a follower of Jesus. A key way to enhance the educational experience of young people.

We share our stories: how we responded to God’s story and what difference this makes.

Schools very often request that we  include our personal stories in our   activities. This is something the students are usually really interested in. They want to hear our stories: how being a Christian impacts who we are and how we live.

People often ask us ‘what does a schoolsworker do?’ Our work is:

Exploring God’s Story. Sharing Our Story.