Teaching RE lessons

In lessons we aim to provoke critical enquiry and thoughtful reflection. We have taught thousands of RE lessons to pupils from KS2 to KS5 including sixth form conference days. At KS2 our work is often around the major Christian festivals. Common units of work in KS3 include ‘Who is Jesus?’, ‘Life, ministry and teachings of Jesus’, ‘Christian beliefs of life after death’ and ‘Christian beliefs about the origins of the world and its purpose.’ Our schools workers also support the KS4 GCSE curriculum.

You can read a fuller list of the themes and topics that our staff have taught here, and we are always willing to develop new resources about aspects of the Christian faith in line with your school RE syllabus.

“For some time I have invited the London crossteach team to work with pupils from Y8 up to 6th Formers. Every lesson, every talk has been professionally prepared and presented. As a result of this our pupils have been able to more fully and clearly answer questions relating to the GCSE and A-level courses they are taking.Head of RE, London secondary school and local SACRE member

“The lessons produced by crossteach are always of a high standard combining class-based and group-based activities to stimulate thought and discussion whilst learning in a fun way. Students are always positive in their feedback and the lessons really do promote an interest in Christianity which translates into their work but also into their personal development.” RE subject leader, Kent secondary school

“Always well prepared and a very professional lesson given. Plenty of imaginative and inspiring resources, delivered in a contemporary way and at an appropriate level.” Head of RE, Kent secondary school

“Student feedback from the crossteach workshops on the Yr 11 RE conference day was very positive. Your involvement in planning the entire day was very helpful.” Head of RS, London secondary school

Interactive Church visits

In partnership with local churches we run very popular road show styled events at Easter (“The Easter Experience: Who killed this man?”) and Christmas (“The Christmas Experience: Awesome or Awful?”). Pupils visit a local place of worship for a one hour interactive experience to explore the Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter. Find out more about the Easter Experience here and the Christmas Experience here

“All children were involved, from all faiths. Great interaction, the kids (and adults!!) learned so much.” Teacher, London.

“It was all God’s plan that Jesus should die… That shocked me, but now I understand.” Year 7 pupil, London.

Collective Worship

We aim to lead inspiring, stimulating Collective Worship on an occasional or regular basis. As well as acts of Collective Worship based around the main Christian festivals, in primary schools some of the most popular series for Collective Worship are:

  • Amazing Things Jesus Said
  • Mission Impossible (Paul’s journeys in Acts)
  • Faith Street (Meeting key Bible characters in Hebrews 11)
  • People Jesus Met

In secondary schools we aim to leave students with a thought-provoking question such as:

  • How do we define success? Is it more than just being good at stuff?
  • Worried about worry? Should we just try to distract ourselves and hope for the best?
  • Is it possible to earn God’s love? What is love, anyway?

We challenge young people to consider what they think about these questions and present what the Bible has to say in a creative way.

“Assemblies have been entertaining, involving and thought provoking. The workers are exemplary role models, sensitive, fun and organised.” Deputy Headteacher, London primary school

“As a Teaching Assistant at a primary school in an area where crossteach works, I have experienced first-hand the professionalism and clarity of crossteach assemblies in which the children (and staff) at our school participate. They use age-appropriate and child-centred illustrations to clearly explain mainstream Christianity by teaching what the bible says.” Teaching assistant, Kent primary school

Extracurricular discussion and explorer groups


staff are often invited to run optional lunchtime or after-school discussion groups. Our aim is to enrich the curriculum with relevant co-curricular discussions that allow pupils to explore fundamental questions about human life, religion and belief. Groups are open to anyone who wants to think more deeply about what the Christian faith has to say and what they themselves think. Groups are suitable for pupils from a Christian background, a different faith background or no faith background.

I have seen first-hand the interest shown over a prolonged period of time by pupils of many faith backgrounds – as well as agnostic & atheist – in the lunchtime clubs which cross have run in a Secondary School for boys in North West London. The students encouraged their peers to attend, and were involved in discussions, games and debates on a wide variety of topics connected with Christianity. In my classes the pupils often mentioned things brought up at the club which were relevant to our curriculum.” Head of RS, London secondary school

Moving Up

Moving up is a one hour cross Experience for Year 6 pupils in their final term at primary school. The session supports secondary school transfer with a focus on making wise choices.

“The children fully engage in these sessions and absolutely love them!” Teaching Assistant, Kent primary school

Direct encounters with Christians

Crossteachcross staff contribute to panel discussions, deeper learning days and question and answer sessions. They aim to speak about the Christian faith in a way which is engaging, memorable and challenging.

“I’ve worked alongside cross for 11 years in a variety of capacities. I have been constantly impressed with their commitment to teaching the Christian parts of the RE curriculum in creative and interactive ways, giving pupils an opportunity to learn about the Christian faith from those who personally believe it.” Rich Adam, Assistant Minister, Emmanuel Church Bramcote

Open Space

Open Space: a space where pupils can take a quiet, thoughtful moment to explore their thoughts and feelings about the fundamentals of life. We transform a room within the school into an interactive and reflective space where the students for creative and quiet contemplation. Depending on the theme an Open Space can be used by students in KS3, KS4 and KS5. Issues addressed in the past have included forgiveness, the future, issues in the world, self-image, remembrance, who am I?

“It gave me time to think about things. It’s very peaceful” Year 9 student

“I think Open Space is a good idea, it helped me to let go of my anger” Year 8 student