Our approach:

  • Professional: engaging, trained, organised, experienced and working within national and local requirements and guidelines
  • Reputable: working in schools with integrity and transparency since 2001
  • Distinctively Christian: knowledgeable, authentic and passionate about the Christian faith
  • Collegiate: working in partnership with schools at their invitation and under their direction and alongside local churches and other school visitors

Schools retain responsibility for the learning of their pupils so we ask that a member of school staff is present at each crossteach lesson and RE activity.

Where crossteach is able to provide two staff members for a co-curricular club we do not insist that schools also provide a staff member, but they are always welcome to do so. We provide termly themes and lesson plans.

crossteach staff often work alongside local clergy and youth workers, especially in Church of England schools with a sponsor parish. Local churches vary and our staff will be sensitive to the local Church as well as to the local school context.

crossteach is a charity. Our funds come from trust funds, churches and individuals who support our work. This means that our services are offered to school free of charge, although some schools make a voluntary donation.

crossteach work supports schools to meet the locally-agreed RE syllabus, Ofsted expectations for SMSC and, for Church of England schools, the SIAMS framework.

“The children really enjoy collective worship, which has been enhanced by the support of crossteach , a Christian trust that delivers exciting and interactive worship …During the example observed, the children had a range of opportunities to encourage their engagement including music, drama and prayer.” SIAMS inspection report, Christchurch Primary School NW1

“I’ve worked with crossteach in several different ways, and always found them to be interested in thoughtful and professional educational RE” Lat Blaylock, RE Adviser

crossteach is a professional teaching organisation that teaches Christian viewpoints on all Religious Studies topics taught at Campion School. The team engage our students through interactive lessons and encourage questions to be asked. They also enrich our students experience in the classroom by leading many events, such as the Christmas and Easter Experience in the school hall, and above all else teach them moral values which are so important for today’s society.” Head of RS, Warwickshire secondary school