Every year, in the Spring Term, the different crossteach teams host events for our supporters to have fun, raise money and share some encouragements from our work, and this year is no different!

Across January and February, each crossteach team is hosting a crossteach House of Games night and we’d love to invite you to join us. On the night, you’ll be working with your team to take part in a series of fun and interactive quiz rounds and games to win the title of House of Games Champion (there is a real prize waiting to be won!) There’ll be a variety of rounds which get you bending your brains and (for some) get you up and out of your seat!

You can sign up to join your local crossteach House of Games night by clicking on your local team link below;

  • Warwickshire : Fri 29th January, 7:30pm : https://ctw290121.eventbrite.co.uk
  • Nottingham : Fri 5th February, 7:30pm : https://ctn050221.eventbrite.co.uk
  • Kent : Sat 6th February, 7:30pm : https://ctk060221.eventbrite.co.uk
  • London : Fri 12th February, 7:30m: https://ctl120221.eventbrite.co.uk
  • Normally for our supporter quiz nights, we would charge £5 per ticket, but as this will be an online event, hosted over Zoom, this year we are asking for you to make a donation towards the cost of your ticket. The minimum donation is £1 and there is no maximum! We pray God would provide for our fundraising goals through these events this year.

    Why don’t you get a team together to enter the House of Games night? All you need to do is sign up individually using the link above, and then email your local crossteach team with the names of the people you’d like to be in a quiz team with. Teams will be between 4 and 6 people, and don’t worry if you don’t get round to it – we can always add you into a team on the night.

    We hope this event will be a fun night to remember, and we look forward to seeing you there.