Welcome to our resources area.

As a schoolswork organisation, we employ staff to teach about the Christian faith in schools. Our preference is for staff to be in schools providing direct encounters with Christians speaking about their faith in ways which are enjoyable, memorable and challenging.

If you are interested in what services and activities we could provide, please do get in touch using our ‘Contact Us‘ form.

We recognise that it is not always possible for us to come to site. Maybe you are a school in a part of the UK where we do not work. Maybe there are unexpected events preventing this (Coronavirus!?). Whatever the reason, we have created this resource area so that schools and churches can make use of our resources even if we cannot lead the activities in-person.

Our resources include;

        • Lessons
        • Assemblies / Acts of Worship
        • Experiences
        • Extra-curricular clubs
        • Shorter activities to use within a longer session
  While we make these resources available freely for others to use, we do retain copyright and have a few restrictions about how they can be used. Read our full Acceptable Use Policy here.

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