The end of an era: Jerry Anstead steps down.

‘Well done, good and faithful servant!’

I am confident these are the words Jerry will hear when he sees our Lord face to face.

crossteach is a charitable organisation that seeks to represent the historical Christian faith in a school setting. We are engaged in schools by invitation and our staff work transparently under direct and constant supervision. We ensure all activities are conducted in observance of schools policies and, where applicable, follow national guidelines and the school’s agreed RE syllabus.

Jerry has served crossteach as a trustee, treasurer and by managing all the financial affairs since it was established in 2001. Jerry was one of the original group of people who captured the vision to establish a distinctively Christian schools work in the Tunbridge Wells area. Since that time, Jerry’s work and support has had a significant indirect impact on the lives of thousands of young people. We pray that his labours for the gospel will bear much fruit.

So it is with some sadness that I have to announce that Jerry has decided to step down as a trustee of crossteach . I am personally very thankful for his generosity and servant heart. crossteach has been able to grow and flourish because of the selfless sacrificial service of people like Jerry.

As with all things, this is not an end, but a new chapter. We will seek to fill the large hole that has been left as our work continues. Such times always carry mixed emotions. We are sad to see Jerry go, but we can also rejoice in all that he has done and all that God has done through him.

Jerry writes “For me it all began 18 years ago when I listened to Ros talking about her hopes to give up maths teaching and become a full-time Christian schools worker. Praying about this I felt a compelling certainty that this was the Lord’s plan for Ros, and more than that: that I was to be the ‘nuts and bolts’ person to handle the financial side. Being treasurer for those 18 years I have very much felt that I have been a ‘round peg in a round hole’ with my maths/computing/education background and being married to an actuary.

In those 18 years just over three million pounds has been given by the Lord’s people in support of the work. We have employed 37 schools workers. Many hundreds of Christian pupils have been helped greatly in their faith and many thousands of pupils have been taught about the Christian faith.”