Volunteer Role Description

Purpose of role: To teach about the Christian faith in schools

Location: To be confirmed by the team leader

Voluntary Hours: To be agreed in advance by the team leader. If you volunteer for a regular activity we ask for a reliable commitment so that we can provide reliability for our schools. We understand that things come up from time to time so we ask for as much notice as possible if you will need to miss a commitment.

Management: The local team leader is responsible for providing support and management

Responsibilities: These will vary from person to person and should be agreed at the outset with the team leader by mutual consent. They are likely to include supporting a schools worker to:

  • Provide direct encounters with Christians speaking about their faith which are enjoyable, memorable and challenging.
  • Teach informed RE lessons that provoke critical enquiry and thoughtful reflection.
  • Lead inspiring, stimulating Collective Worship.
  • Run extracurricular activities that allow pupils to explore fundamental questions about human life, religion and belief.

Further Responsibilities: We ask all volunteers to:

  • support the crossteach mission, vision, aims and approach
  • adhere to crossteach policies and procedures