crossteach Giving and Prayer Fortnight

16th-29th May 2022

Week 1: Giving Week

16th - 21st May

During our giving week, crossteach staff will be completing a series of challenges to encourage you to donate to our work.

This year our goal is to raise £12,000.

Our annual costs are approximately £361,000, most of which is raised through regular giving.

Watch the challenges being completed and read more about the challenges facing our staff...

Nottingham Highlights

London Highlights

Week 2: Prayer Week

22nd - 29th May

During our Prayer Week, we are encouraging you to commit some time to pray for Christian schoolswork, Christians in schools and your local school communities.

crossteach staff will be joining churches for prayer meetings, as well as organising their own prayer events.

We also have a prayer card to guide in praying across the whole week.