For teachers – request a visit

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We have crossteach teams in Kent, North London, Warwickshire and Nottinghamshire and our teams will aim to visit each school in these areas who invite us. We receive more requests than we can accommodate so we are sorry that we cannot respond positively to every invite.

We are always looking for new opportunities so if you work in a part of the country where we do not currently have a team please get in touch anyway!

“I am Jewish and regularly attend a synagogue. I am indebted to crossteach for their involvement in my professional teaching life. Without doubt they are practicing Christians, who have a strong faith in their beliefs. However they allow positive bridge-building, encourage students of different backgrounds and faiths to sit together, to learn and to appreciate their different views. I would not hesitate to invite them once again and thoroughly commend them to any school looking for professional, vibrant and differentiated resources for Religious Studies.” Gerry Cohen, Head of RS and Barnet SACRE member