Acceptable Use Policy

The Trust makes crossteach resources available for any Church or teacher to use within the following acceptable use parameters:

  • crossteach resources must be used in line with the aims of crossteach: to teach about the Christian Faith. Read our vision and aims here.
  • crossteach resources must be used as published. They may not be used in an abridged format or changed in any way. Reproduction of our work is subject to this Cross Teach Trust acceptable use policy.
  • The Cross Teach Trust must be acknowledged as the owner of the work.
  • crossteach resources must not be used for any commercial gain.
  • Cross Teach Trust is not responsible for the accuracy, content or availability of any third party material, including web sites, referred to in our publications.

Cross Teach Trust is a charity funded by donations. If you have used a crossteach resource, please consider making a donation towards our costs here

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