crossteach is a para-church organisation i.e. it does not operate within one particular church or denomination. We are supported by Anglican, Baptist, Methodist and FIEC churches. Our staff attend a range of churches and hold a range of personal Christian convictions and crossteach works within a range of mainstream Christian belief and practice.

For many years crossteach has used a basis of faith that is used by a significant number of other Christian para-church organisations. The basis of faith is aligned with key doctrines of the denominations listed above. As many churches have recently marked the 500th anniversary of the reformation it is particularly appropriate to note that the basis of faith aligns with the doctrines of the Church of England as expressed in the 39 Articles and its Creeds (e.g. Nicene Creed, Apostolic Creed).

For centuries the Christian faith has been a driving force in the British education and legal system and Christian values have made their mark on our history. They have also been the vehicle for developing deeply held beliefs about the importance of freedom, justice and the rule of law, so our work fits well with the wider work that schools do to promote British values. You can read our full statement of faith here