Supporting crossteach

From the outset, crossteach has sought to develop a network of supporters. The generous prayer and financial support given has enabled crossteach to offer their services free of charge to schools.
God has been so good to us since our work started in 2001 and has provided for all our financial needs every year. This gives us great confidence that we are still doing the work He wants us to be doing.
We still wholeheartedly believe there is an urgent need for Christians to be involved in their local schools. The reasons that led to crossteach being established still exist.
If you share our desire to see young people being taught about Christianity faithfully and with the added benefit of personal experience, then please prayerfully consider how you can be part of this work through financial giving.
The future maintenance, growth and development of the work is dependent on the ongoing prayers and donations from our supporters.

How To Give

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Alternatively you can contact us using our Contact Us form here.

Fundraising 2022/23

Fundraising is an ongoing task for us. We do have a large amount of our income covered by regular and predictable giving, but we also rely on one-off donations, which we cannot accurately predict. Each year, so far, these one-off donations have ensured we have met our financial commitments. This means we start each year with an element of faith, trusting that God will provide the resources we need, but knowing there is a gap between predictable giving and our planned expenditure.

Our costs increase every year, and it now costs around £350,000 per annum to run crossteach nationally. We are still able to make sure the vast majority of our finances go to paying staff salaries. Staff time is divided between the ‘contact time’ in schools, preparation for clubs, lessons, assemblies, etc., travel between schools and team meetings.

Fundraising Progress


Fundraising Progress

Thank you to everyone who has already responded to this year's campaign.

crossteach is one entity. We have a ‘common purse’ and do not do our accounts as separate areas. However, the trustees are made fully aware of how much is raised and how much spent in each area. Fundraising goals are set for each area according to the current level of financial support and the amount of work being done.

How is the money used?

Money we receive is generally used in one of three ways*;

  • To sustain the work we are doing.
  • To expand the work in existing areas to meet demand.
  • To grow the work in new areas to provide high quality Christian schoolswork where there currently is none.

[*The trustees are responsible for the financial affairs of the Trust and are able to allocate financial resources in whatever way they feel will best meet the aims of the Trust.]

Funds for growth

We often find that a barrier to growing and starting new work is financial support. We have an ambition to create a start-up fund, and this ambition is reflected in our fundraising goals. This will be needed to support our vision to grow and develop the work and see a dramatic increase in the amount of high quality Christian schoolswork happening across the country.
Based on our experience of starting new teams, it requires a start-up fund of around £25,000 to get a team started and established over 3 years. For most areas, we expect a team to be self-funding from 3 years onwards. As we grow, we will also need a greater amount of resource for the national organisation. This would require a similar amount as a start-up fund.
Currently we are aiming to start at least five new teams over the next 3 years, with some additional national resource. This means we need an extra £300,000 over the next 3 years to support this work financially. We need people to join us in turning our vision into a reality. One way you can do this is by giving to help us achieve our fundraising goals, so that we can beyond sustaining our work and continue to grow what we are doing.

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